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Medewerkers van Zuyd kennen hun capaciteiten en mogelijkheden, pakken kansen en doen er wat mee.


Wij vragen onze medewerkers uit hun comfortzone te komen en grenzen te verleggen, eigen grenzen en die van anderen.


Medewerkers en studenten van Zuyd inspireren elkaar in het delen van kennis en ideeën. Vanuit die inspiratie brengen ze elkaar in beweging.


Door hun constante interactie met het werkveld kunnen onze mensen praktijkgerichte kennis vergaren, ontwikkelen en overdragen.


Bij Zuyd staan we open voor de visie van een ander en kijken daarbij altijd over de grenzen van het eigen vakgebied en organisatie heen.

Musician / Researcher

Description of the tasks and responsibilities:

We are looking for a Musician / Researcher as part of the project “Artful Participation: Doing Artistic Research with Symphonic Music Audiences” (financed by an awarded grant from NWO / SIA). This project is a collaboration between Maastricht University (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences), the South Netherlands Philharmonic and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (Faculty of Arts, Research Centre for Arts, Autonomy and the Public Sphere). In the 21st century, symphonic music institutes face challenges that endanger their traditional ways of operating. Although symphonic music is widely accessible, it has lost its once leading position in the music culture. In the Artful Participation project, the world of the symphonic orchestra is studied as an exemplary case in scientific and artistic research on cultural reproduction in the 21st century. This research project is a collaboration between academic researchers, practice-based artistic researchers, orchestra musicians, conservatory teachers, arts students and the audience. The project claims that the innovation of the symphonic music practice is not possible without improving the quality of the audience participation in this practice. The project combines strategic research on the reasons for the declining interest in symphonic music with embedded artistic research on the context of a large symphonic orchestra, in order to innovate this practice in an artistically relevant way.

Within this project, the Research Centre for Arts, Autonomy and the Public Sphere is looking for a musician / researcher who develops and conducts innovative education-experiments on new ways of participation with and within the South Netherlands Philharmonic, together with the project team and students and teachers of the Faculty of Arts. These experiments are at the same time education of students from the Faculty of Arts, particularly conservatory students.

Description of the tasks and responsibilities:
• As a teacher, developing and conducting education for students of the Faculty of Arts;
• Independently creating, conducting, monitoring and developing education in the form of three research experiments / studio’s, in consultation and in accordance with the lector and the project team of Artful Participation;
• Being part of the research group of the project Artful Participation;
• Contributing to the development and dissemination of the learning model which will be a result of Artful Participation;
• Actively participating as a member of the knowledge circle of the Research Centre for Arts, Autonomy and the Public Sphere.

We expect the candidate to:

• Be an experienced musician / researcher;
• Be an experienced teacher;
• Have research experience in artistic research;
• Have strong communicative and connective skills in heterogeneous environments and strong organizational abilities;
• Have a relevant PhD or master certificate;
• Have demonstrable affinity with the subject matter and working method of the research centre and of the project Artful Participation in particular;
• Have affinity with qualitative, practice-based research, as it is developing within the arts education;
• Have good communicational abilities, both oral and in writing, in English and preferably in Dutch;
• Can think divergently and have an open work attitude.

The Research Centre for Arts, Autonomy and the Public Sphere

The Research Centre for Arts, Autonomy and the Public Sphere is part of the Faculty of Arts Maastricht, with educational programs in the field of fine arts, design, theatre, music and architecture. The research centre works together with the different programs (bachelor and master) from the Faculty of Arts. The centre contributes to the strengthening of arts education and arts practice. Its knowledge domain is the relation between the arts and society. Central are issues that arise from the, for the arts characteristic, tensions between the autonomy of the arts and the demands of the public sphere to which the arts relate. The research centre situates these issues preferably on interfaces between art disciplines, between arts and science, and between arts and society. The research centre develops an explorative and ethnographic style of artistic research with a problem-based method.

Terms of employment:

We offer an appointment, in the official function of teacher / researcher of 0,5 fte for the term of 1 year at Stichting Zuyd Hogeschool. Should the candidate prove suitable and perform favorably, then the contract may be extended, provided operating circumstances remain unchanged (although no longer than until 31 May 2020, the official end date of the project.)
The salary scale awarded depends on the candidate’s qualifications and experience and shall be set in accordance with the collective labor agreement (CAO) in the higher vocational education sector within the career prospects of at most scale 11 (with a minimum of € 3.392,46 and maximum € 4.661,12 gross per month when appointed full-time).


More information can be provided by dr. Ruth Benschop, lector, via ruth.benschop@zuyd.nl, or make an appointment for a phone conversation via 043-346 6415. You can ask for a project description of the project Artful Participation by sending an e-mail to: linda.huntjens@zuyd.nl.

Interested candidates should apply for the position before May 28th 2018 by entering their personal particulars (accompanied by a letter of application and CV) on the website: www.werkenbijzuyd.nl.

We cannot process letters of application addressed directly to the contact person or submitted by other means.

The interviews will take place at the end of June, at the location Herdenkingsplein 12 in Maastricht.




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