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Medewerkers van Zuyd kennen hun capaciteiten en mogelijkheden, pakken kansen en doen er wat mee.


Wij vragen onze medewerkers uit hun comfortzone te komen en grenzen te verleggen, eigen grenzen en die van anderen.


Medewerkers en studenten van Zuyd inspireren elkaar in het delen van kennis en ideeën. Vanuit die inspiratie brengen ze elkaar in beweging.


Door hun constante interactie met het werkveld kunnen onze mensen praktijkgerichte kennis vergaren, ontwikkelen en overdragen.


Bij Zuyd staan we open voor de visie van een ander en kijken daarbij altijd over de grenzen van het eigen vakgebied en organisatie heen.

Lecturers in Hotel Management

The tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Teaching hotel management within the entirety of the programme; especially within the foundation programme where theory is translated to practice and passion for the profession is conveyed;
  • Supervising and visiting interns abroad, including the coordination of a specific region;
  • Guiding and coaching students in project groups on hospitality management in general, with a focus on innovation and/or sustainability and/or digital intelligence;
  • Upholding the quality of the Hotel Management curriculum and assessment programme;
  • Further expansion of the international HMSM network in close coordination with alumni and partners of the profession.

We are looking for experienced, internationally orientated hotel managers with an ambition to convey their passion for the hotel industry to students, both in a professional and teaching capacity. They endorse the importance of good education and are driven to take ownership of the position as higher education lecturer. To students, they represent a source of inspiration and a role model; to colleagues a valued team player, providing a contribution to the education of the future generation of hotel managers from their wealth of their experience.

Candidates are expected to have:

  • a solid experience in managing renowned hotels, preferably in different countries as general manager or member of the management team of a cluster or region of hotels;
  • up-to-date working knowledge of the latest developments within the international hospitality industry;
  • in possession of a Master's degree (preferably in economics or MBA) or PhD;
  • team mentality, an ability to motivate and inspire students and colleagues;
  • an affinity towards education and developing the talents of young people;
  • a good command of English, both written and spoken, competence in Dutch is preferable;
  • a good intercultural understanding and a 'global mind set';

The Hotel Management School Maastricht

The Hotel Management School Maastricht (HMSM), a subsidiary of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, is internationally viewed as one of the leading institutes in its field.
It offers a four-year Bachelor of Arts programme in both Dutch and English and a Master of Science in Facility & Real Estate Management which is organized in collaboration with international partners.

The bachelor course is aimed at prospective managers/entrepreneurs in the international hospitality industry, comprises a foundation programme of 2,5 years and a specialisation programme 0f 1,5 year offering three tracks: Hotel Management, Food Service and Horizons in Hospitality.

The focus of the HMSM is 'The next step in hospitality'. The programme challenges students to carry out this innovation in hospitality. Core values include individual responsibility and personal attention. Besides that, we strongly believe in passion, professionalism, initiative, openness and inspiration.
Innovative entrepreneurship is one of the focal points of the education and research programme. The other focal points are 'connecting' gastronomy and the development of a 'global mindset'. Furthermore, the ambition for the coming years is to significantly increase HMSM's international profile.

Terms of employment:

  • An appointment for 0.6 - 1.0 FTE (to be negotiated) for the term of one year;
  • Should the candidate prove suitable and perform favourably, then the contract may be extended, provided operating circumstances remain unchanged;
  • The salary scale awarded depends on the candidate’s qualifications and experience and shall be set in accordance with the collective labour agreement (CAO) in the higher vocational education sector, within the career prospects of scale 11 or 12;
  • The terms of employment applicable include both 8% holiday pay and a fixed bonus equivalent to one month’s salary;
  • Our secondary terms of employment comprise excellent opportunities to further one’s professional career.


Further information is available either on our website: www.hotelschoolmaastricht.nl or from Mrs Marja Windhorst, team manager HMSM marja.windhorst@zuyd.nl tel. +31 (0)651196675.

Interested candidates should apply for the position by November 24 at the very latest by entering their personal details, accompanied by a letter of application and CV on this website.

Unfortunately, we cannot process letters of application addressed directly to the contact person or submitted by other means.






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