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Working at Zuyd

Here are the benefits of working at Zuyd:

• directly or indirectly contributing to the development of our students and our region
• working in an ambitious, inspirational, dynamic work environment with sufficient opportunities for new initiatives
• working in an informal environment in a team comprised of enthusiastic, involved, and professional colleagues
• opportunities to work in a number of roles at a number of levels, including management assistant, facility or technical support staff, advisor, or manager
• a wealth of opportunities to develop your teaching or other skills and pursue your career ambitions
• plenty of freedom and opportunities to shape and schedule your work.
• the ability to combine or continue to combine your role with a role in the business community, which we encourage
• a good wage
• favourable terms of employment such as generous holiday leave, extra 'sustainable employability' hours, an end-of-year bonus (thirteenth month); sufficient compensation for commuting by bicycle, public transport, or car; and discounts on local gym memberships and cultural activities
• advantageous collective health insurance scheme that also covers your family.

Type of roles

We are looking for people to fulfil a number of different roles.


As a lecturer, you will maintain lots of contact with our students and ensure that they successfully develop into professionals. You will do this by communicating your knowledge of a topic and supervising their studies, internships, or assignments. Alongside teaching, you can focus on other activities that may interest you such as developing education, performing research, or contributing to a field committee. To that end, you have many contact persons outside of your own programme department and outside of Zuyd. No two working days are the same. While there are periods during the academic year that require extra effort, this is mitigated by plenty of holiday days. Alongside its lecturers, Zuyd employs educational staff and teaching assistants who assist students and lecturers and provide support in the form of lab tutorials, practicals, etc.


Professors perform practical research, often together with lecturer-researchers, students, and external experts. This research is conducted both on behalf of Zuyd and at the requests of businesses. Professors also work together with teaching teams to review how knowledge from research can improve education. This therefore represents an opportunity to make a lasting impact on your area of expertise and on Zuyd’s education.

Support staff/teaching support staff

To properly support all processes concerning education, Zuyd employs significant numbers of support staff/teaching support staff including secretaries, IT specialists, policy employees, communication advisors, management assistants, buyers, HR advisors, legal staff, receptionists, technical staff, administrative staff, etc. These are employed either in a management office for Schools, in a location, or in one of the service departments. As a member of support staff, you also contribute to students' development.
You can learn more about the many types of positions at universities of applied sciences on (in Dutch only).

Career and education

At Zuyd, you are responsible for your own career, development, and sustainable career deployment. Of course, we will help you in this regard through offering courses and workshops, consultations, and coaching. There is also the option of attending courses and training sessions run by Zuyd Professional. We offer lecturer professionalization courses specifically for lecturers. I you're a lecturer and are going to follow a Bachelor's, Master's, or pre-Master’s study programme, you can request reimbursement for tuition fees, study materials, and travel expenses.

Interested in working at Zuyd?

Are you a talented professional who would relish the opportunity to work in our ambitious organization? Browse our job listings to see whether we have the right opportunity for you. You can also submit your details as an open application.
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